When associations require specialized marketing expertise, the Association Resource Center relies on Marketing Action to supplement its services.


Marketing Action Inc. has worked with the Association Resource Center (ARC) to develop its own marketing materials as well as meet the needs of clients.

Karen Fraser-Middleton facilitated strategic planning sessions for ARC, developed brochures and wrote press releases about association management services as well as trust administration services.

For ARC’s clients, Karen usually collaborates with a committee representing the association, conducts strategic planning, develops marketing materials, makes reports to the board and speaks on marketing at professional conferences. She works closely with the association Executive Director and ARC staff.

Most recently, the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) has benefited from working with Marketing Action through ARC. Karen facilitated strategic planning with an international committee via video conference. As a result, the organization established concrete goals and an implementation plan. Monthly results are tracked and reported. In addition, Karen has helped with developing a new website and online presence, created eblasts and coached members on social media.


Quick Study
Several of our association clients have benefitted greatly from working with Marketing Action, Inc. over the past 15+ years. Karen Fraser-Middleton has quickly become very knowledgeable in a variety of different industries that our client base represents. Their businesses have grown because of her marketing advice and suggestions.

Focused on Results
Using her knowledge of marketing, Karen has enabled our clients to meet and exceed their goals and to stay on track. She holds them accountable in a positive way. Her skill with analytics has been very helpful and she is very detail-oriented, which has resulted in them having a deeper knowledge of how to market their services effectively and become more results oriented.

“Businesses have grown because of her marketing advice.”

Working with a professional, talented and bright person like Karen has been very rewarding and encouraging. In addition to her knowledge of marketing and her professionalism, I also appreciate her sense of humor and her warmth.

Karen’s organizational skills and her ability to keep the client “on track” and accountable has made my job as Executive Director easier. We complement each other well for the benefit of the client.

Marketing Advice
Karen Fraser-Middleton of Marketing Action is a “class act,” professionally and personally. I am very appreciative of our long-term business and personal relationship. I would highly recommend Karen if you are considering looking for marketing advice for your business.

Debbe Dreher
President, Association Resource Center