Berries abound in Loomis & other news bites

Last night, we picked blackberries in our yard for dessert. With access to water, these berries were bursting with flavor. My fingers and mouth took on a purple tinge as I enjoyed the fruits of my labor before they all got into the bowl. It is a lot of work and you have to brave sharp thorns but the local blackberries are definitely worth the effort.

When combined with strawberries grown in nearby fields, the resulting flavors were delicious. The Loomis-grown strawberries have “a melt in your mouth” texture and are so much more flavorful than store bought. Aren’t we lucky to have locally grown fruit in Placer County?

Dancing – Don’t forget the upcoming first Friday of the month dance put on by the Roseville American Legion. Enjoy the live band that plays 40’s, 50’s & 60’s music, starting at 7:00 pm at the Veterans Memorial Hall, 110 Park Drive, Roseville. $7 admission. When my favorite shoes for dancing were damaged while learning a new step, I took them to Roseville Shoe Repair at Douglas and Harding. In a matter of minutes, they looked great! I appreciated the terrific customer service.

Local History – If you would like to learn more about local history, check out The Golden History Book Series at The books are filled with beautifully restored photos from the Gold Rush Era as well as excerpts from journals, books and letters written at the time.

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