Your customers can tip the marketing balance in your favor

One of my suppliers in Roseville, CA recently asked me to speak with prospects who were considering using the firm’s services. Marketing Action has been working with the company for years, as well as other similar firms, and felt I could give an objective view.

When I’m considering working with a new business partner in the Sacramento region for printing, promotional items, web site design and other marketing services, I like to check references so I was more than willing to “give back” by sharing my experiences.

What did they ask?

  • How long I’d worked with the company
  • What type of marketing projects we’d partnered on
  • Was I satisfied with the quality of work
  • What it was like to work with the project team
  • What one thing could be improved
  • Would I recommend them to others

Happily, the company was successful in securing the new account. Evidently talking with me and other satisfied clients sealed the deal after the firm had met all the other qualifications.

If you ask customers to share their experience with prospects, don’t forget to say thanks. I was surprised and delighted to not only get thanks but a restaurant gift certificate as well. And, remember that keeping your existing customers happy could be your best marketing tool. Your satisfied customers may be your best sales force.