Business Blossoms at Loomis Chamber

Horton Iris Garden hosted the Loomis Chamber of Commerce meeting night. Welcome to Master Color Printing a new Chamber member and a printer that I’ve been using for years. Getting involved is a great way to make your business blossom.

The Loomis Chamber actively promotes members’ businesses. For instance, if you bring a gift for the raffle, you can make a one minute elevator speech about your business. Be prepared:

  • Pay attention to how to hold the microphone so your voice can be heard. People often hold it too far away and the audience can’t hear the statement.
  • Say your name and your company name clearly.
  • Briefly describe what you do and how your clients benefit.
  • Tell the audience how you can help and invite them to your store or web site.

As you meet people, ask for their cards. Try to follow-up by sharing some useful information or a lead that might help their businesses. Marketing Action works with clients to set up sales communication programs to stay in contact and build relationships with people. Talk to me about how I can help your business grow.