Are you rattled by making an introduction?

The key to a good introduction is to get the audience’s attention and have a specific message about your company prepared that describes the benefits of your services. Plan ahead and you won’t get rattled.

Share an interesting fact or experience that will get their attention.

  • If you are in security, give the latest crime statistics in the area or describe trends.
  • A home insurance agent said at a recent meeting that washing machine water hose leaks were the greatest source of claims so he gave away a new water hose as a raffle prize – very clever and practical!
  • I sometimes mention that sales usually happen on the fifth to seventh call but most sales people stop after two of three calls. I offer to help them develop a more systematic sales follow-up process.

Practice what you are going to say in advance while you are driving or in front of the mirror. Write it down. Sometimes it helps to use alliteration such as “my clients range from rice and robotics to real estate.” State the benefit of your services from the customers’ perspective, “Clients tell us that they appreciate ….” Say your name and your company at the beginning and the end. You can add, “find out more at your web site name.” Don’t forget to smile and look at the audience.

Be sure to watch other speakers to figure out what distance to hold the microphone from your mouth to project your voice most effectively. If they can’t hear you, they won’t know what you can do to help them.

Go to your next networking prepared and you won’t get rattled.