Prepare for objections to make the sale

As part of training your sales team, prepare them to meet objections. Start by writing down every objection you’ve ever heard from a prospect – it costs too much, there isn’t time to discuss it now, not the right color, need to get approval, no budget available …. Then practice what your response might be by writing down several options for answering each objection. Have a fact, benefit and a customer story to back up your claim that you can overcome the objection.

You also need to prepare yourself by asking the customer plenty of questions early in the sales conversation about his or her needs. Then you can tie your response to something the customer said was important to him or her.

Frequently when dealing with an objection, the best thing to do is to start by agreeing with the prospect and then move to how you can solve that problem. For instance, “I can understand that keeping the cost down is important in making a buying decision. That’s exactly why many of our clients select our product. Although the initial cost may be a bigger investment, its durability and quality extend its life, making it a longer lasting and more convenient solution for less cost per use. In addition, the no interest payment plan helps with your cash flow and the replacement guarantee, that only our company offers, enable you to rest assured that this investment will pay off.”

Plan the flow of your sales conversation and have plenty of responses to objections ready to use to move the customer to buy your product or service.