Sandwich Board makes a Come Back

A few weeks ago, I noted more retail establishments than usual using people-powered sandwich boards to attract customers. It appears that this rather old fashioned tactic is making a coming back or business owners are determined to try anything for promotion.

Today, I saw a guy in a suit under a sandwich board promoting tax services. In my mind, going to get your taxes done is not an impulse buy. Seeing a signboard might make me contemplate having pizza for dinner, but taxes? Are there people driving around with receipts looking for a tax office?

The tax man with a sandwich board may, however, plant in my mind the geographic location of the tax office. But does it make sense? Track how your customers find you so you can see if your advertising is working. You can ask walk in customers, or set up different phone numbers or web pages so you can determine if the ad or sandwich board worked. The more you know about your customers, the better able you will be to target your marketing campaign. has a variety of sandwich board images to entertain you.