Ideas for Marketing Your Business in 2014

If you start making plans in January 2014, it may be spring before your marketing campaign roles out. So just as the leaves are changing color, like these in Northern California near Sacramento, start making plans for the changes needed in your 2014 strategy and marketing action plan. 

Set Goals

Review the first 10 months of the year, and compare results to the 2013 goal. Then set new goals for 2014.

Take Photos

Photos are more important than ever for online as well as print. Arrange to get photos taken now. If your service or products are used outdoors, you can still catch some flowers or fall color to make an attractive background. Use a professional photographer. Be sure the images are high resolution and that you have full rights to the photos.

Gather Testimonials

Identify clients who have recently worked with your company, give them a call and ask a few questions about their experience. Write down what they say in their own words. Email it back to them, requesting corrections and clarification. Ask for permission to use their comments and names in marketing materials. These can be used to help your staff understand how your company is perceived as well as can be used on websites, brochures and other materials.

Arrange Contracts

Talk to firms that can help you meet your marketing goals, and evaluate how well each might fit your needs. Once you make a selection, set your contract to start January 1, 2014.

Enjoy the Holidays

You’ll be able to enjoy the holidays knowing that you have done the preparation to get your 2014 marketing ideas underway at the very start of the year.